4 Simple Tips for Effective Content Writing

You have created a blog and looking for good content writing tips, now your search almost reached to best tips for effective content writing. The content writing is not rocket science, have a look over here...

1. Address your readers friendly - use the word 'You'

Be friendly with your readers while you are connecting through the blog. Use the friendly addressing words such as you, your, we and our. By using 'you' word you can directly connect with readers. This is a very important element of content writing.

2. Reveal your important information first - very close to the title aim

Put the important information on top of the blog para, because we are living in the very hectic schedule and hardly we find spare time to get search and reading on the web.

(a) If someone has a question then he wants a specific answer within two or three lines reading or in the first para.
(b) If you invite someone for a question's solution so provide him answer within the first para.

After that, you can convey your answer or information in detail.

3. Short Paragraph/ Pointed Short Sentence - text

The whole text should be in simple short paragraphs or in pointwise sentences. It helps in conveying information effectively to the readers.

4. Images or Videos

Give a visual effect by the images, charts, and videos to your title or information on the blog. The images and videos leave a strong impression on the readers mind. Maybe you could be unable to convey the message through text but the image, chart, and videos always work for you.

ARSI for Effective content writing... ARSI means A for Address, R for Reveal, S for Short, and I for Image

Content Writing Tips (ARSI)

Simply ARSI is the systematic order for web content writing. Every professional blogger follows these things for a better outcome.


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  2. Yes right IDeA ... Informative, Descriptive, and Attractive. Great job by Copycrafter, I will defiantly suggest to others avail your service


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